Snap Frames buying guide

Snap frames are the ideal display solution. They are perfect for any situation where quick change poster framing is required. Posters can be easily and quickly changed while the frame is in place. They attractively display, frame and protect your graphics, and are available in a wide range of sizes and colours from stock. Custom colours to match RAL codes are available. The four frame profiles clip open with the use of internal spring hinges, and your graphic is inserted, covered by the poster cover and the frames clip closed holding the cover and poster firmly in place. There are snap frames in our range to suit all requirements and budgets. They are usually wall mounted, but we also stock counter standing snap frames, suspended hanging snap frames and floor standing poster snap frames.

Can Snap Frames be used outdoors?

If you are planning to use snap frames outdoors you will need to either laminate your posters or purchase waterproof frames. Waterproof snapframes feature a weather resistant seal in the frame profiles. This is designed to keep your posters dry in wet weather. They are available from stock in silver in a range of sizes, or can be built to bespoke sizes and colours. We can also manufacture waterproof snap frames with a lock.

My Snap Frame will be in a busy, vulnerable location.

If you feel your Snap Frame is likely to be tampered with or vandalised you should purchase either Tamper Resistant or Lockable Snap Frames. These require either a unique allen key, supplied with the frame. or a lever tool which is also supplied. These frames will give you peace of mind and confidence that your displays will remain intact.

Does the thickness of my posters matter?

You can use regular paper prints inside Snap Frames, which in normal circumstance are up to 0.5mm thick. If you use PVC prints of laminated posters up to 1mm thick, standard snap frames are fully suitable. If you are displaying card or materials of between 1mm and 4mm thickness, which is the maximum we can manufacture, you will need to order bespoke poster snap frames.

Your posters and their protection

Professionally printed posters assure a high quality finish. UV Grade PVC covers give your graphics protection from the sun. The covers also keep the moisture out Furthermore, the covers contribute towards the professional and attractive finish of your snap frame. The PVC covers are available to purchase when you feel that your poster displays would benefit from refurbishment.

Frame Widths

Larger Snap Frames benefit aesthetically from a wider frame. Sometimes, customers who have a variety of sizes of snap frame on show prefer to keep all the frame widths the same. A 32mm snap frame has a slightly tighter grip on the poster and the cover, which may be considered preferable on larger frames. We stock up to size A0 snap frames with 25mm frame profiles which are more rounded. Alternatively some people prefer the flatter, wider 32mm frame profile on snap frames of all sizes.

How are Snap Frames best fixed in place

Our wall mounted poster Snap Frames come complete with fixings, including screws and plugs. Our snap frames have pre-drilled holes in the aluminium plating behind the clip open frame opening edges. The screws are hidden when the frame is closed. Otherwise customers who do not wish to drill into the wall often uses double sided velcro to hold the snap frame in place.