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b>Snap Frames Warehouse. Suppliers to Royalty. We are proud to supply Royal Households

Snap Frames Warehouse supplies a large variety of customers, ranging from large multi national companies, to educational establishments, to hospitals and nursing homes, to high street retailers and individuals wishing to frame and protect posters and photographs. We are also proud to supply royal households including Kensington Palace and Hampton Court. Kensington Palace is the home of several prominent members of our Royal family, including our future king and his family. Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge and his wife, Kate Middleton. I like to think that William and Kate admire their classical movie posters together, which are beautifully framed in our 27" x 41" Movie Poster 25mm Snap Frames. This particular product is very popular with collectors of movie posters, which can cost upwards of £1000. Our Snap Frames display and protect them.

Demand For A Boards at the onset of the Covid 19 lock down

Our snap frame A boards have always proved very popular, offering an excellent opportunity to promote your business on the forecourt or pavement. They have clip open snap frame profiles for easy poster changing and are fully waterproof, with anti glare PVC covers. But the lock down following the Covid 19 pandemic brought on some incredible enquiries for them. We were receiving quests for 3000, 4000 and 5000 units, unfortunately most of which we could not fulfil as a result of stocking problems, which were also a result of the pandemic. The A boards were urgently required by major shopping chains which were requiring the sign boards to monitor and direct the enormous queues that were forming outside their stores. The shops had introduced systems that only allowed very limited numbers of customers to enter their premises, who also were required to keep social spacing between themselves of at least two metres. Security guards were appearing outside the stores who were required to allow one shopper in for every shopper that left the premises. A very challenging time for everybody in the UK and worldwide. Most of the rules are legally enforced for everybody's sake and thankfully the vast majority of the population is fully accepting of the new laws.

We were pleased to develop bespoke snap frames for the side panels of the impressive new electric street cleaning vehicle for Leeds Business Improvement District. This is an innovative idea to allow interchangeable 3mm thick advertising panels to be displayed in the frames on either side of the vehicle, which will promote the company and its services as the vehicle does its job. The frames were powder coated Night Blue to match the colour of the vehicle, and we think the finished project looks excellent.

Decorative Menu Boards have reached record levels of demand during the Covid pandemic

Our decorative menu boards provide an excellent portable upstanding display solution, which have been invaluable during the pandemic, and have reached unprecedented levels of demand. They have clip open snap frame profiles for easy poster loading, with stylish chrome effect rounded corners. They are manufactured in anodised aluminium with a single stem and a heavy base for stability, with a UV anti glare PVC poster cover. The poster holder is adjustable for landscape or portrait use. In these difficult days when signage is so essential, their easily transportable quality, combined with their eye catching visibility are essential tools for retail, schools, offices, take aways and anywhere that the public visit. Our menu boards are supplied unassembled and constructed in minutes.

Bespoke and stock Wooden Effect Snap Frames for Boaty McBoatface AKA RRS Sir David Attenborough

RRS Sir David Attenborough is the British lead boat in a fleet of three robotic Autosub Long Range lithium battery powered autonomous underwater vehicles. It is owned by the National Oceanography Centre, based in Southampton. Operated by the British Antarctic Survey, this ship will mapping the movement of deep waters which play a vital role in regulating the Earth's climate. It originally cost 260,000,000 dollars to build and contains chemical and acoustic sensors, which are used to predict sea level rises and the effect of climate change on the ocean. Originally called Boaty McBoatface, as a comical and affectionate title which was a result of a poll, this is a high tech and essential contributor to the science world's efforts to establish the damage we are doing to the environment. We were therefore naturally very proud to supply a range of stock and bespoke wood effect poster snap frames to RRS Sir David Attenborough. I like to think they are wall mounted at locations that are crucial to the critical activities of the ship.

Stock Difficulties. RESULTS OF THE CRISIS AT UK DOCKS 2nd March, 2021

Christmas saw the biggest crisis in receiving new stock from our overseas colleagues, certainly in our history. There were many reasons for this, including the drop in shipping due to the global lockdown, a backlog in trade had to be worked through. The extra Christmas business has also had an effect. Blame also fell on intransigent shipping lines and the expansion of the container ships themselves. “They used to be 6,000 TEU vessels. Now there are 23,000 TEUs.” This results in the ports taking far longer to unload them. Also the uncertainty about Brexit meant that a lot of shippers decided to bring in as much as they can as early as they can.

Other delaying factors included thousands of containers of PPE equipment adding to the traffic, and ships that are running late are not hanging around to pick up the empties, resulting in a container mountain building as the docks don’t have space to house the empty containers. They are then transported to storage yards, bringing more demands on the haulage industry and further delays.

Because they were unable to unload at Felixstowe, container ships have rerouted to Southampton, putting more pressure on the port, leading some ships to divert to Liverpool or even worse, Rotterdam. The delays we have experienced in receiving new stock has been considerable, and thankfully we are finally getting on top of things. We are expecting a total of four containers in the coming days, the most delayed one having been expected in January.

Stock Holding in our Warehouse 11th March, 2021

We hold very large stock levels in our warehouse. Our policy is to stack it high so we can honour orders on a next day delivery basis. Staple products sell such as anodised aluminium and black snap frames are usually fast sellers. The challenge is to maintain sufficient stock of the more unusual units in our range. Of course, occasionally a large request will arrive for more obscure items, such as Water Fillable A Boards, or 700mm Double Sided Totem Light Boxes. This can be difficult, but we certainly do our best to ensure that we can cater for such demands. During the lockdown; coupled with the blockages at UK docks and the backlog it has created, we have experienced more re stocking problems than we have previously encountered. Once normality has resumed, which we know everybody would love to be sooner rather than later, we will endeavour to resume our unflinching ability to supply anything and everything in our range that our diverse customer base may require!

Stability of Outdoor Signs (15th March, 2021)

Over the weekend we experienced some awful weather in the North West. I think all business owners recognise the importance of advertising outside their business. Having the opportunity to promote your business to passers by using outdoor signage is surely a fantastic bonus. We stock a range of street signs, such as A Boards and Water Based Signs which we feel are ideal for the job. You can insert exciting eye catching advertisements into the units which will entice customers to visit your business and hopefully spend plenty of money. Bearing in mind that the signs are a reflection of your business, I think it is important to ensure that they do not blow over in harsh weather conditions, which will look awful and reflect badly on your business. With this in mind, we recommend our range of Water Based Signs. With strong, high quality plastic bases, which fill with water, they can withstand strong winds. The weighted based is connected to the signs holder by springs, which allows for movement in bad weather. Don't allow your signs to be dispersed or flattened by bad conditions which gives a derelict appearance.

Importance of Packaging (17th March, 2021)

During the lockdown courier companies have seen a substantial increase in the number of parcels that they are required to deliver. The drivers are working long hours under considerable pressure. Companies like Amazon have seen a gargantuan increase in demand. Of course, the need for secure, robust and well padded parcel packaging has always been important, but I feel that the necessity has multiplied due to the current situation. Our parcels are throughly packaged with strengthened corners, bubble wrap and out cardboard. They are sealed with Fragile tape. We want our customers to be confidant that their order will be safely delivered in perfect condition.

Snap Frames Warehouse Product Range

Our range of products is large and varied, comprising a wide variety of high quality display products suitable for an equally wide range of uses. The following images show some of our products, but to browse our full range please view our portfolio at Snap Frames Warehouse. We keep the vast majority of our range in stock for next day delivery.

Framing in subways in Hertfordshire 25th March, 2021

We were delighted to supply waterproof and lockable bespoke snap frames to Hertfordshire County Council for use in subways at various locations in the county. They are designed to brighten up the underpasses and provide a community spirit in locations that ordinarily can be quite dour and unwelcoming. The refurbishment of the subways is part of a wider project to improve walking routes across Hertfordshire, which are designed to encourage active travel in support of the county council’s Local Transport Plan. Furthermore, it will increase the amount of walking people do, which reduces air pollution and traffic congestion, helps to tackle climate change and improves personal health and well being. The work on display, which is from local art groups, schools, clubs and colleges adds colour and style to the subways, and it can be very rewarding and encouraging for artists and students to see their creations on display in such prominent locations. The frames can also be used to promote local cultural activities and provide an excellent promotional platform for the local community.

The National Gallery

Being a big fan of art, particularly historic art, I was delighted when we first supplied snap frames to The National Gallery, which is the awe inspiring art museum located in Trafalgar Square in Westminster, London. I love the building, which is the third location of The National Gallery, designed and built by William Wilkins from 1832 to 1838. Surprising to me is that the architecture attracted considerable criticism when it was built and has continued to be berated throughout the years since then. Only the facade onto Trafalgar Square remains essentially unchanged from this time, as the building has been expanded considerably throughout its history. As I previously said, I love it and drink in the atmosphere when I walk in there and catch my first glimpses of the beautiful paintings on display. There are paintings dating from the mid 13th century to 1900, including Hogarths, Caravaggios, Canalettos, Rubens, Turners, Constables, Monets, Rembrandts; should I continue? When we received our first order from The National Gallery I tried to convince myself that a beautiful breath taking painting by Artemisia Gentileschi, or similar would appear in one of them. Then I came to my senses and, on a trip to the NG, found one of our black A4 25mm frames on the inside of the door in a toilet cubicle in the gents advertising an upcoming exhibition. I was nonetheless very pleased though that our products are being used by such an iconic cultural establishment.

The Covid 19 Pandemic, 15th May, 2021

I think most of us in England are looking forward with a little anxiety to this coming Monday, 17th May, 2021. After around 14 months of businesses opening and closing, and being subjected to various restrictions, could this be the first step to normality? Since the Covid 19 virus first became news in January, 2020, we have lived under its shadow. Many people have died world wide, many others have been very ill, and still are affected by the ranges of the disease. In many parts of the planet people are still living under restrictions, and many people are suffering horrible consequences. Commerce around the world has suffered considerable. We are suppliers to many pubs, clubs, bars and restaurants, and most of them have experienced serious problems during the lockdowns. We are all hoping that 17th May could be a launch pad to recovery. Just as we were all looking forward so much to life as we know being resumed a new strain of the virus emerges in locations around the country.

Kensington Palace, August, 2021

I was delighted to visit Kensington Palace, originally to view the Royal Style In The Making exhibition, but I most thoroughly enjoyed the area dedicated to Queen Victoria, who was born there in 1819. She was fifth in line to the throne, but by the time she was 18, she was queen! She was a wonderful contributor to English culture and transformed the UK into a kingdom of pride and self worth. Although her marriage to her cousin Prince Albert had been arranged it was a perfect match, producing nine children and ultimately 42 grandchildren, who married into royal families all over Europe. After Albert died in 1861 she never truly recovered from her grief. Victoria died in 1901 as Queen of Great Britain and Empress of India. The image endures of Victoria as a stout elderly lady in black mourning attire, but I saw a different side of her at the exhibition as a beautiful young lady who promoted an exciting and colourful new era. The Royal Style In The Making exhibition was interesting, with a recorded overview of the experience of designing Lady Diana Spencer's wedding dress by Elizabeth Emanuel, one half of the married design partnership who have since separated. The dress was on display in all its splendour, but for me it was overshadowed by Victoria's story. Kensington Palace itself is a royal residence set in Kensington Gardens, in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. It has been a residence of the British Royal Family since the 17th century, and is currently the official London residence of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, the Duke and Duchess of Kent, and Prince and Princess Michael of Kent. With this in mind, we were delighted to receive an order for snap frames for one of the apartments at Kensington Palace the week after I visited it.

Cranborne Middle School Staff Room, November, 2021

We were pleased to supply polished gold snap frames to Cranborne Middle School for use in their staff room. Claire, who ordered the frames, was kind enough to send us images of the frames in situ and we think they look superb.

Bespoke Orders for Television

We have been delighted to develop specific bespoke products for use in well known television programmes and also film studios. Particular TV favourites are Coronation Street and Hollyoaks. As they are mainstream high profile television programmes it is great to see whether you can spot the frames during an episode. I found it fascinating to be told by one of the Coronation Street directors that they could order several made to measure poster snap frames just for a single scene. We have also supplied products such as the A board that you see outside the shop in Coronation Street.