The benefits of Snap Frames

Snap Open Frames for rapid poster changing

What is a Snap Frame? Snap open frames, known as Snap Frames, Clip Frames, Grip Frames, Snapper Frames or Snap Open Poster Frames have specially designed and engineered spring hinged edges which allow them to clip open on all four sides. Once opened, the anti-glare PVC protective overlay cover is removed from the front of the frame, allowing for the easy and convenient changing of the poster. Snap Frames are perfect business display tools and they are used to present posters and other materials. Snap Frames can be created to match your decor or your branding. They allow the quick and easy replacement of posters and keep them safe from the elements, looking neat and tidy. There are a huge selection of Snap Frames on the market to suit all requirements and budgets. Our Snap Frames are perfect for use in bars, restaurants, general businesses, educational facilities, offices and any location where the regular changing of posters in necessary. Our standard Snap Frames are constructed in aluminium with rigid plastic back panelling. They are fixed to the wall using screws and plugs (supplied with the frames), or using double sided tape or velcro (not supplied). We also manufacture bespoke snap frames. Snap Frames are popular for use in bars, restaurants, retail, education, the armed forces and anywhere that posters need to be displays in attractive frames with the option to change the graphics rapidly and conveniently, while the snap frame remains wall mounted.

A range of models of Snap Frames is available, including Lockable and Tamper Resistant Snap Frames which offer security, requiring an allen key or lever tool to open; Water Proof Snap Frames for outdoor use, Suspended Snap Frames, which hang on wire, Standing Snap Frames with pole bases and Table Top Snap Frames, which stand on your table or counter. Snap Frames vary greatly in quality. Ours have stronger springs to keep them shut tightly and prevent posters slipping out or becoming displaced. The back panelling of our frames is sturdy, rigid plastic. The mitres are neater and properly aligned providing a professional, attractive finish. Our Stock Snap Frames are individually boxed